2008 Field Day

2008 brought another adventure-filled Field Day for LARK. This year we were forced to setup in heavy wind and stinging rain. Despite this, we were still able to put up one of our tower trailers with a 40/20/15/10M beam (courtesy of KKØSD), a 20M inverted V, and an 80M inverted V. We also used a 40M vertical courtesy of KKØSD for our CW station.

LARK operated 3A (club, three stations, alternate power). We made CW and SSB contacts on 80/40/20/15/10 meters, along with a VHF/UHF station for satellite operation, and made serveral contacts on OSCAR satellites. Once again we chose Stokes-Thomas City Park on Lake Kapeska as our operating site. We didn't have access to the Salvation Army Canteen Unit that we've used in the past, so Dave Schaeffer (32EM1) was kind enough to bring us his enclosed trailer, 2 generators, and huge lights to use. THANKS AGAIN DAVE!!!

We also tried something very new for LARK this year. Traditionally, each station had a standalone computer that could be used for logging. There were upsides to doing it this way, but it meant that a contact logged at one station was not known at another station, causing the potential for DUPES. This year we ran 3 computers in a networked configuration so that all of our contacts were logged to one central database, and our logs and current activity could be viewed from any station. It worked well.

We haven't tallied our score yet, but we logged 723 contacts this year.

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