2012 Field Day

ARRL Field Day 2012 was another great event for LARK. Joe, KKØSD served as Field Day chairman.

We added an additional station this year, and operated 4A (four stations on alternative power) from Stokes-Thomas City Park in Watertown. We utilized most of our club-owned equipment, along with several members' equipment. Again this year, Duane KKØKK, brought his solar power van for part of the event.

Operating trailers were supplied by Dave (KDØLJG), Chuck (KBØVXD), and The Salvation Army. This year we also used LARK's "new" camper trailer, which was donated by Laurel (KB8HMR) Our "usual" CW operator, Dave NØDL, was not able to attend this year, so we utilized computer-based CW transmission and reception. Several operators were able to operate CW this way. LARK's networked computers were again used so that all contacts were logged to one central server and statistics could be viewed at any station. We also connected all locations using a custom 802.11G wireless bridge provided by Kevin (KBØLCR). Internet service was again provided by Data Truck.

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img0001_kd0niq.jpg img0002_kd0niq.jpg img0003_ng0w.jpg img0004_ng0w.jpg
img0005_ng0w.jpg img0006_ng0w.jpg img0007_ng0w.jpg img0008_ng0w.jpg
img0009_ng0w.jpg img0010_ng0w.jpg img0011_ng0w.jpg img0012_wd4rdr.jpg
img0013_wd4rdr.jpg img0014_wd4rdr.jpg img0015_wd4rdr.jpg img0016_wd4rdr.jpg
img0017_wd4rdr.jpg img0018_wd4rdr.jpg img0019_wd4rdr.jpg img0020_wd4rdr.jpg
img0021_wd4rdr.jpg img0022_wd4rdr.jpg img0023_wd4rdr.jpg img0024_wd4rdr.jpg
img0025_wd4rdr.jpg img0026_wd4rdr.jpg img0027_wd4rdr.jpg img0028_wd4rdr.jpg
img0029_wd4rdr.jpg img0030_wd4rdr.jpg img0031_wd4rdr.jpg img0032_wd4rdr.jpg
img0033_wd4rdr.jpg img0034_wd4rdr.jpg img0035_wd4rdr.jpg img0036_wd4rdr.jpg
img0037_wd4rdr.jpg img0038_wd4rdr.jpg img0039_wd4rdr.jpg img0040_wd4rdr.jpg
img0041_wd4rdr.jpg img0042_wd4rdr.jpg img0043_wd4rdr.jpg img0044_wd4rdr.jpg
img0045_wd4rdr.jpg img0046_wd4rdr.jpg img0047_wd4rdr.jpg img0048_wd4rdr.jpg
img0049_wd4rdr.jpg img0050_wd4rdr.jpg img0051_wd4rdr.jpg img0052_wd4rdr.jpg
img0053_wd4rdr.jpg img0054_wd4rdr.jpg img0055_wd4rdr.jpg img0056_wd4rdr.jpg
img0057_wd4rdr.jpg img0058_wd4rdr.jpg img0059_wd4rdr.jpg img0060_wd4rdr.jpg
img0061_wd4rdr.jpg img0062_wd4rdr.jpg img0063_wd4rdr.jpg img0064_wd4rdr.jpg
img0065_wd4rdr.jpg img0066_wd4rdr.jpg img0067_wd4rdr.jpg img0068_wd4rdr.jpg
img0069_wd4rdr.jpg img0070_wd4rdr.jpg img0071_wd4rdr.jpg img0072_wd4rdr.jpg
img0073_wd4rdr.jpg img0074_wd4rdr.jpg img0075_wd4rdr.jpg img0076_wd4rdr.jpg
img0077_wd4rdr.jpg img0078_wd4rdr.jpg    

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