2014 Field Day

ARRL Field Day 2014 saw some changes for LARK. This was our first year operating with our new Field Day Committee. Aric, KF7CTI, was the Field Day Committee Chairman, along with Meghan, KD0NIQ, and Joe, KK0SD.

We operated class 4A (four stations on alternative power) for the third year. Stokes-Thomas City Park was again chosen as our site. We utilized most of our club-owned equipment, along with several members' equipment.

Operating trailers were supplied by Dave (KDØLJG), Chuck (KBØVXD), and The Salvation Army. Our delicious Saturday night meal was provided by Dave (NØDL) and his wife DeAnna.

LARK's wireless computer network was used so that all contacts could be logged to one central server and statistics available at any station. We interconnected each station computer using a custom 802.11G wireless bridge provided by Kevin (KBØLCR). Internet service was again provided by Data Truck.

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fd2014-00001.jpg fd2014-00002.jpg fd2014-00003.jpg fd2014-00004.jpg
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fd2014-00013.jpg fd2014-00014.jpg fd2014-00015.jpg fd2014-00016.jpg
fd2014-00017.jpg fd2014-00018.jpg fd2014-00019.jpg fd2014-00020.jpg
fd2014-00021.jpg fd2014-00022.jpg fd2014-00023.jpg fd2014-00024.jpg
fd2014-00025.jpg fd2014-00026.jpg fd2014-00027.jpg fd2014-00028.jpg
fd2014-00029.jpg fd2014-00030.jpg fd2014-00031.jpg fd2014-00032.jpg
fd2014-00033.jpg fd2014-00034.jpg fd2014-00035.jpg fd2014-00036.jpg
fd2014-00037.jpg fd2014-00038.jpg fd2014-00039.jpg fd2014-00040.jpg
fd2014-00041.jpg fd2014-00042.jpg fd2014-00043.jpg fd2014-00044.jpg
fd2014-00045.jpg fd2014-00046.jpg fd2014-00047.jpg fd2014-00048.jpg
fd2014-00049.jpg fd2014-00050.jpg fd2014-00051.jpg fd2014-00052.jpg
fd2014-00053.jpg fd2014-00054.jpg fd2014-00055.jpg fd2014-00056.jpg
fd2014-00057.jpg fd2014-00058.jpg fd2014-00059.jpg fd2014-00060.jpg
fd2014-00061.jpg fd2014-00062.jpg fd2014-00063.jpg fd2014-00064.jpg
fd2014-00065.jpg fd2014-00066.jpg fd2014-00067.jpg fd2014-00068.jpg
fd2014-00069.jpg fd2014-00070.jpg fd2014-00071.jpg fd2014-00072.jpg
fd2014-00073.jpg fd2014-00074.jpg fd2014-00075.jpg fd2014-00076.jpg
fd2014-00077.jpg fd2014-00078.jpg fd2014-00079.jpg fd2014-00080.jpg
fd2014-00081.jpg fd2014-00082.jpg fd2014-00083.jpg fd2014-00084.jpg
fd2014-00085.jpg fd2014-00086.jpg fd2014-00087.jpg fd2014-00088.jpg
fd2014-00089.jpg fd2014-00090.jpg fd2014-00091.jpg fd2014-00092.jpg

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