2007 Hamlin County Split-Site Repeater Test

Pictures from our 2021 test of the Hamlin County Split-Site Repeater

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north_001.jpg north_002.jpg north_003.jpg north_004.jpg
north_005.jpg north_006.jpg north_007.jpg north_008.jpg
north_009.jpg north_010.jpg north_011.jpg north_012.jpg
north_013.jpg north_014.jpg north_015.jpg north_016.jpg
north_017.jpg north_018.jpg north_019.jpg south_001.jpg
south_002.jpg south_003.jpg south_004.jpg south_005.jpg
south_006.jpg south_007.jpg south_008.jpg south_009.jpg
south_010.jpg south_011.jpg south_012.jpg south_013.jpg
south_014.jpg south_015.jpg south_016.jpg  

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