Lake Area Radio Klub (WØWTN) - Local Radio Nets

Unless otherwise notied, all times are CST/CDT

  • Northeast South Dakota Two-Meter Net
    Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM
    146.850 Repeater
    Net Control Operators:
    • Mike, KEØEPW
    • Rich, KEØEPY
    • Dave, NØDL
    • Kevin, KBØLCR

    We're always looking for more net control operators.
    If you're interested, please contact KBØLCR!

HF Nets
  • South Dakota NEO Net
    nightly @ 6:00 PM
    3860 KHz SSB

  • South Dakota NJQ net
    Daily @ 12:15 PM
    3870 KHz SSB

  • South Dakota Weather Net
    Daily @ 7:00 AM
    3960 KHz SSB

Other Nets
  • 3.840 MHz, Tuesdays 9:00 PM
    Midwest AmSat (Satellite Net)

  • 14.282 MHz, Sundays 19:00 UTC
    International AmSat (Satellite Net)

If you have a net you would like to see listed here please contact the webmaster and we will get it listed

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